Meaning name Kapeka



Meaning name Kapeka
Russian form of Czech/Slovak Capeka, meaning "little stork."
Kapaneus - Greek name meaning "arrogant." In mythology, this is the name of one of the Seven Against Thebes. He is said to have had a body of immense size and strength, but he was notoriously arrogant and was eventually struck and killed by a thunderbolt sent by Zeus. His wife Evadne committed suicide by throwing herself on his funeral pyre. 
Kapel - Yiddish diminutive form of Hebrew Yaaqob, meaning "supplanter."
Kapena - Hawaiian name meaning "captain."
Kaphiri - Egyptian name meaning "hill."
Kapil - Short form of Hindi Kapila, meaning "reddish-brown."
Kapila - Hindi name of a Vedic sage described as an incarnation of Vishnu, meaning "reddish-brown."
Kapono - Hawaiian name meaning "righteous."
Kapriel - Armenian form of Greek Gabriēl, meaning "man of God" or "warrior of God."