Meaning name Kalea


Meaning name Kalea
Hawaiian name meaning "bright." 

Kala (hindi - कला):  Hawaiian form of Hebrew Sarah, meaning "noble lady, princess."
Kalani - Hawaiian unisex name composed of the elements ka "the" and lani "heaven, sky," hence "the heaven, the sky."
Kalanit -  Hebrew name for the Anemone coronaria native to the Mediterranean region, derived from the word kalanit, meaning "poppy anemone."
Kalare - Basque form of Latin Clara, meaning "clear, bright." 
Kalei - Hawaiian name meaning "beloved; flower wreath."
Kaleigh - Variant spelling of English Kayley, meaning "slender."
Kalena - Hawaiian form of English Katherine, meaning "pure."
Kaley - Variant spelling of English Kayley, meaning "slender."
Kali (hindi - काली):  Hawaiian name meaning "hesitation."
Kalisha - Modern English creation that is an elaborated form either of Lisha (a short form of longer names ending with -isha) or Alisha ("noble sort").