Meaning name Isaiah


Meaning name Isaiah
Anglicized form of Latin Isaias (Hebrew Yeshayah), meaning "God is salvation." In the bible, this is the name of one of the most famous prophets. Also spelled Jesaiah and Jeshaiah.

Isa - Chamoru name meaning "rainbow."
Isaaca - Feminine form of English Isaac, meaning "he will laugh."
Isabel - Originally a Spanish form of Latin Isabella, meaning "God is my oath." It later became an English royal name and its popularity was enhanced by the fact that it was borne by Queen Isabella (1296-1358), despite the fact that she was a murderess. 
Isabela - Variant spelling of Latin Isabella, meaning "God is my oath." 
Isabell - Variant spelling of Spanish Isabel, meaning "God is my oath." 
Isabella - Latin form of Greek Elisabet, meaning "God is my oath." 
Isabelle - French form of Latin Isabella, meaning "God is my oath." In Arthurian legend, Isabelle of Cornwall is the name of the mother of Tristan. 
Isadora - Variant spelling of Latin Isidora, meaning "gift of Isis." 
Isaura - Latin name meaning "from Isauria."
Isa (arabic - عيسى):  Arabic form of Latin Jesus, meaning "God is salvation."