Meaning name Hrodrick



Meaning name Hrodrick
Variant spelling of Old High German Hrodric, meaning "famous power." 
Hrodohaidis - Teutonic name composed of the Germanic elements hrod "fame" and heid "kind, sort," hence "famous sort."
HrÓÐwyn - Anglo-Saxon name composed of the elements hróð "famous" and wyn "joy," hence "famous joy."
Hrodwyn - Variant spelling of Anglo-Saxon Hróðwyn, meaning "famous joy."
HrÓaldr - Old Norse name composed of the elements hróðr "fame" and valdr "power, rule," hence "famous ruler."
HrÓar - Icelandic form of Old Norse Hróarr, meaning "famous spear."
HrÓarr - Contracted form of Old Norse Hróðgeirr, meaning "famous spear."
Hroda - German short form of longer names beginning with Hrod-, meaning "famous."
Hrodebert - Old High German name composed of the elements hrod "fame" and berht "bright, famous," hence "bright fame."
Hrodgar - Old High German equivalent of Old Norse Hróðgeirr, composed of the elements hrod "fame, glory, renown" and ger "spear," hence "famous spear."
HroÐgar - Anglo-Saxon equivalent of Old Norse Hr��geirr, composed of the Old English elements hro� "fame" and gar "spear." This name became unused after the Normans introduced Hrodger to Britain, the name which eventually yielded the more familiar Roger.