Meaning name Honorius



Meaning name Honorius
Latin name derived from the word honor, meaning "honor, valor."
Honey - English name derived from the vocabulary word "honey." Also a term of endearment.
HÒng - Vietnamese name meaning "rose."
Honor - American English form of Latin Honora, meaning "honor, valor." 
Honora - Feminine form of Latin Honorus, meaning "honor, valor."
Honorata - Polish form of Latin Honoria, meaning "honor, valor."
HonorÉe - Feminine form of French Honoré, meaning "honor, valor."
Honoria - Feminine form of Latin Honorius, meaning "honor, valor."
Honorine - Pet form of French Honorée, meaning "honor, valor."
Honour - British English form of Latin Honora, meaning "honor, valor."
Honovi - Native American Hopi name meaning "strong deer."