Meaning name Hilkiah



Meaning name Hilkiah
Anglicized form of Hebrew Chilkiya, meaning "my portion is God." In the bible, this is the name of many characters, including the father of Eliakim, and a High Priest who lived in the time of King Josiah. 
Hilargi - Basque name meaning "moonlight."
Hilaria - Feminine form of Latin Hilarius, meaning "joyful, happy."
Hilary - English unisex form of Latin Hilarius and Hilaria, meaning "joyful;happy." Originally, this was strictly a masculine name.
Hilda -   Old German short form of longer names containing hild, meaning "battle." 
Hildegard - Teutonic name composed of the Germanic elements hild "battle" and gard "enclosure, guard," hence "battle guard."
Hildegarde - Variant spelling of Teutonic Hildegard, meaning "battle guard."
Hildo - Dutch form of German Hilda, meaning "battle."
Hildred - Anglo-Saxon name composed of the Old English elements hild "battle" and ræd "counsel," hence "battle counsel."
Hildr - Old Norse name derived from the word hildr, meaning "battle."
Hildur - Icelandic form of Old Norse Hildr, meaning "battle."