Meaning name Hesutu



Meaning name Hesutu
Native American Miwok name meaning "yellow jacket nest rising out of the ground."
Hester - Medieval Latin form of Persian Esther, meaning "star."
Hestia - Greek name meaning "altar, hearth, fireside." In mythology, this is the name of a goddess of the hearth. Her Roman name is Vesta.
Heschel - Variant form of Yiddish Hershel, meaning "deer."
Hesekiel - Finnish form of Hebrew Yechezqel, meaning "God will strengthen."
Hesham - Variant spelling of Arabic Hisham, meaning "generous."
Heshel - Variant spelling of Yiddish Heschel, meaning "deer."
Hesiod - Short form of Greek Hesiodos, possibly meaning "to send song."
Hesiodos - Greek name, possibly composed of the elements hesi "to send" and oides "ode, song," hence "to send song."
Heskovizenako - Native American Cheyenne name meaning "porcupine bear."
Hesperos - Greek name meaning "evening." In mythology, this is the name of a son of Eos, one of the gods of the evening star Venus, the other being Eosphoros. They were later combined into one god. His Latin name is Vesperus.