Meaning name Hai

Meaning name Hai

  Chinese unisex name meaning "sea."

Hai (chinese - 海):  Chinese unisex name meaning "sea."
Haifa - Variant spelling of Arabic Hayfa, meaning "slender."
Hailee - Variant spelling of English Hayley, meaning "hay field."
Hailey - Variant spelling of English Hayley, meaning "hay field."
Haizea - Basque name meaning "wind."
Haider - Variant spelling of Arabic Haidar, meaning "lion."
Haides - Greek name derived from the word aides, meaning "unseen." In mythology, this is the name of the god of the underworld, brother of Zeus and husband of Persephone. In the Greek bible, Haides is associated with Orcus, the realm of the dead, the infernal regions where disembodied spirits live, a dark and dismal place in the depths of the earth. Only later was Haides described as the grave, death, and hell. Also spelled Hadēs. 
Haig -   Armenian name meaning "from the hedged field."
Haimirich - Middle High German name composed of the elements haim "home" and ric "rule," hence "home-ruler." 
Haimo - Old German name meaning "home."

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