Meaning name Ha



Meaning name Ha
 Vietnamese unisex name meaning "river; ocean." 
Habiba(حبيبة) - Feminine form of Arabic Habib,meaning "beloved."
Habren - Old Welsh form of Severn, the name of a river in England where a Celtic goddess dwelt, possibly meaning "thorny cactus." See Sabrina, the Latin form.
Hada - Short form of Hebrew Hadaccah, meaning "myrtle tree."
Hadas - Hebrew unisex name meaning "myrtle tree."
Hadassa - Variant spelling of English Hadassah, meaning "myrtle tree." 
Hadewych - Dutch form of German Hedwig, meaning "contending battle."
Hadia - Feminine form of Arabic Hadi, meaning "guide to righteousness."
Hadil - Arabic name meaning "cooing."
Hadiya - Variant spelling of Arabic Hadiyya, meaning "gift." 
Hadiyya - Arabic name meaning "gift."