Meaning name Graeme


Meaning name Graeme
Variant spelling of Scottish Graham, meaning "gravel home."

Graa - Portuguese name meaning "graceful."
Gracia - Spanish form of Latin Gratia, meaning "pleasing, agreeable."
Graciana - Feminine form of Spanish Graciano, meaning "pleasing, agreeable."
Gracie - Pet form of English Grace, meaning "pleasing, agreeable."
Graciela - Pet form of Spanish Gracia, meaning "pleasing, agreeable."
Gracilia - Feminine form of Roman Latin Gracilis, meaning "slender."
Gracja - Polish form of Latin Gratia, meaning "pleasing, agreeable."
Grinne - Irish name, possibly related to Gaelic grán, meaning "grain." In mythology, this is the name of the daughter of Cormac mac Airt.
Grania - Latin form of Irish Gráinne, possibly meaning "grain."
Granya - Variant spelling of Latin Grania, possibly meaning "grain."