Meaning name Gilad



Meaning name Gilad
Hebrew name meaning "hard, stony region." In the bible, this is the name of region east of the Jordan River. It is also the name of several characters, including a grandson of Manasseh.
Gila - Feminine form of Hebrew Gil, meaning "joy."
Gilaberte - Variant spelling of French Gileberte, meaning "pledge-bright."
Gilah - Variant spelling of Hebrew Gila, meaning "joy."
Gilberta - Feminine form of Spanish Gilberto, meaning "pledge-bright."
Gilberte - Variant spelling of French Gileberte, meaning "pledge-bright."
Gilbertine - Diminutive form of French Gilberte, meaning "pledge-bright."
Gilda -   Celtic name meaning "servant of God."
Gillian - English variant spelling of Roman Latin Jillian, meaning "descended from Jupiter (Jove)."
Gil (hebrew - גִּיל):  Hebrew name meaning "joy."
Gilbert - English form of Old French Gilebert, meaning "pledge-bright."