Meaning name Gaylord



Meaning name Gaylord
English surname transferred to forename use, from a respelling of the Old French byname Gaillard, meaning "dandy." 
Gay - English name derived from the vocabulary word, meaning "happy." Compare with masculine Gay.
Gayane - Armenian name, possibly derived from the name of a town called Karin. Meaning unknown.
Gaye - Variant spelling of English Gay, meaning "happy."
Gayla - Variant form of English Gayle, meaning "father rejoices."
Gayle - Variant spelling of English Gail, meaning "father rejoices."
Gaynor - Medieval English form of French Guinevere, possibly meaning "white and smooth." Compare with masculine Gaynor.
Gay -  Short form of English names beginning with Gay-, such as Gabriel "man of God" or "warrior of God," and Gaylord, meaning "dandy." Compare with feminine Gay.
Gaydzag - Armenian name meaning "lightning."
Gayelord - Variant spelling of English Gaylord, meaning "dandy."
Gaylon - Variant spelling of English Galen, meaning "calm, tranquil."