Meaning name Gautama



Meaning name Gautama
Hindi surname of the future Buddha, composed of the Sanskrit elements go "ox, cow" and tama "best," hence "the best ox."
Gauhar - Hindi form of Arabic Jawahir, meaning "jewels."
Gauri - Hindi name meaning "white." In mythology, this is the name of the wife of Shiva, a goddess of longevity and marital felicity.
Gau - Basque name meaning "night."
Gaufrid - Medieval German name composed of the elements gawia "territory" and fried "peace," hence "territory-peace."
Gautam - Variant spelling of Hindi Gautama, meaning "the best ox."
Gautelen - Old High German name derived from the name of a Germanic tribe, Gautzelin, meaning "Gaut."
Gauthier - Variant spelling of French Gautier, meaning "ruler of the army."
Gautier - Old French name derived from Old High German Walther, meaning "ruler of the army."
Gauvain - Norman French form of Middle English Gawain, meaning either "May hawk" or "white hawk."