Meaning name Gary


Meaning name Gary
English surname transferred to forename use, originally a short form of Germanic names containing the element gar, meaning "spear." 

Garaie - Basque name meaning "champion, victor."
Garaitz - Basque name meaning "champion, victor."
Garazi - Basque name meaning "grace."
Garbi - Basque name meaning "clean, pure."
Garbie - Variant spelling of Basque Garbi, meaning "clean, pure."
Grd - Swedish form of Old Norse Gerðr, meaning "enclosure, stronghold."
Garden - Basque name meaning "clear, transparent."
Gardenia - English name derived from the flower name, meaning simply "gardenia flower."
Garland - Old French unisex name meaning "garland, wreath." Compare with strictly masculine Garland.
Garnet - English surname transferred to unisex forename use, meaning "garnet (the gem)," derived from a Middle English altered form of Old French (pome) grenate, "fruit full of seeds," the same source from which came the name of the precious stone.