Meaning name Garfield



Meaning name Garfield
English surname transferred to forename use, composed of the Old English elements gara "triangular" (a derivative of gar "spear") and feld "open country," hence "lives by a triangular field."
GaraiÑe - Basque name meaning "champion, victor."
Garaitz - Basque name meaning "champion, victor."
Garazi - Basque name meaning "grace."
Garbi - Basque name meaning "clean, pure."
GarbiÑe - Variant spelling of Basque Garbi, meaning "clean, pure."
GÄrd - Swedish form of Old Norse Gerðr, meaning "enclosure, stronghold."
Garden - Basque name meaning "clear, transparent."
Gardenia - English name derived from the flower name, meaning simply "gardenia flower."
Garland - Old French unisex name meaning "garland, wreath." Compare with strictly masculine Garland.
Garnet - English surname transferred to unisex forename use, meaning "garnet (the gem)," derived from a Middle English altered form of Old French (pome) grenate, "fruit full of seeds," the same source from which came the name of the precious stone.