Meaning name Fulvius



Meaning name Fulvius
Roman name derived from Latin fulvus, meaning "yellow."
Fulvia - Feminine form of Italian Fulvio, meaning "yellow."
Fulathela - African Zulu name meaning "turn the back."
Fulbert - French form of German Filabert, meaning "very bright." 
Fulco - Old German equivalent of Old Norse Folki, meaning "people, tribe."
Fulgencio - Spanish form of Latin Fulgentius, meaning "shining."
Fulgentius - Latin name derived from the word fulgens, meaning "shining."
Fulk - Modern form of Medieval English Fulke, meaning "people, tribe."
Fulke - Medieval English form of Old Norse Folki, meaning "people, tribe."
FÜlÖp - Hungarian form of English Philip, meaning "lover of horses."
Fulvio - Italian form of Roman Latin Fulvius, meaning "yellow."