Meaning name Frithnanth



Meaning name Frithnanth
Visigothic name composed of the Germanic elements frithu "prepared, protection, ready, safety" and nantha "journey" or "recklessness," traditionally rendered by the Visigoths as "ardent for peace." 
FrÍÐa - Icelandic form of Old Norse Fríðr, meaning "peace."
Frida -   Hungarian form of German Frieda, meaning "peaceful ruler."
FrÍÐr - Old Norse name derived from the word fríðr, meaning "peace."
FriÐuswith - Variant spelling of Anglo-Saxon Frideswide, meaning "peace-strong."
Frieda - Pet form of German Friederike, meaning "peaceful ruler."
Friede - Pet form of German Friederike, meaning "peaceful ruler."
Friederike - Feminine form of German Friederic, meaning "peaceful ruler."
Frigg - Icelandic name derived from Old Norse fría, meaning "to love." In mythology, this is the name of a goddess of earth, the queen of the Aesir and wife of Odin.
Fritha - Short form of Anglo-Saxon Frithswith, meaning "peace-strong." 
Frithswith - Variant spelling of Anglo-Saxon Friðuswith, meaning "peace-strong."