Meaning name Fridthjof



Meaning name Fridthjof
Danish and Norwegian form of Old Norse Friðþjófr, meaning "peace-thief."
FrÍÐa - Icelandic form of Old Norse Fríðr, meaning "peace."
Frida -   Hungarian form of German Frieda, meaning "peaceful ruler."
FrÍÐr - Old Norse name derived from the word fríðr, meaning "peace."
FriÐuswith - Variant spelling of Anglo-Saxon Frideswide, meaning "peace-strong."
Frieda - Pet form of German Friederike, meaning "peaceful ruler."
Friede - Pet form of German Friederike, meaning "peaceful ruler."
Friederike - Feminine form of German Friederic, meaning "peaceful ruler."
Frigg - Icelandic name derived from Old Norse fría, meaning "to love." In mythology, this is the name of a goddess of earth, the queen of the Aesir and wife of Odin.
Fritha - Short form of Anglo-Saxon Frithswith, meaning "peace-strong." 
Frithswith - Variant spelling of Anglo-Saxon Friðuswith, meaning "peace-strong."