Meaning name Freyja



Meaning name Freyja
Old Norse name derived from the ancient element freyja (Old High German frouwa), meaning "lady, mistress." In mythology, this is the name of the goddess of beauty and love.
Frea - Anglicized form of Danish Freya, meaning "lady, mistress."
Freda - English short form of names ending with -freda.
Fredda - Pet form of English Winifred, meaning "holy reconciliation."
Freddie - Unisex pet form of English Frederick and Latin Frederica, both meaning "peaceful ruler."
Frederica - Feminine form of Latin Fredericus, meaning "peaceful ruler." In use by the English and Portuguese.
Frederikke - Feminine form of Danish Frederik, meaning "peaceful ruler."
FrÉdÉrique - Feminine form of French Frédéric, meaning "peaceful ruler."
Fredriika - Feminine form of Finnish Fredriik, meaning "peaceful ruler."
Fredriikka - Variant spelling of Finnish Fredriika, meaning "peaceful ruler."
Fredrika - Feminine form of Norwegian/Swedish Fredrik, meaning "peaceful ruler."