Meaning name Freddie



Meaning name Freddie
Unisex pet form of English Frederick and Latin Frederica, both meaning "peaceful ruler."
Frea - Anglicized form of Danish Freya, meaning "lady, mistress."
Freda - English short form of names ending with -freda.
Fredda - Pet form of English Winifred, meaning "holy reconciliation."
Frederica - Feminine form of Latin Fredericus, meaning "peaceful ruler." In use by the English and Portuguese.
Frederikke - Feminine form of Danish Frederik, meaning "peaceful ruler."
FrÉdÉrique - Feminine form of French Frédéric, meaning "peaceful ruler."
Fredriika - Feminine form of Finnish Fredriik, meaning "peaceful ruler."
Fredriikka - Variant spelling of Finnish Fredriika, meaning "peaceful ruler."
Fredrika - Feminine form of Norwegian/Swedish Fredrik, meaning "peaceful ruler."
Freida - Variant spelling of German Frieda, meaning "peaceful ruler."