Meaning name Floyd



Meaning name Floyd
Variant form of Welsh Lloyd, meaning "gray-haired."
Flo - Short form of English/French Florence "blossoming" and Latin Flora "flower."
Floella - Modern English compound name composed of Flo "blossoming/flower" and Ella "foreign; the other." 
Flor - English variant spelling of French Fleur, or perhaps just a short form of Latin Flora, both meaning "flower."
FlÓra - Hungarian form of Latin Flora, meaning "flower."
Flora -   Anglicized form of Scottish Gaelic Fionnaghal, meaning "white shoulder."
Florence - English and French feminine form of Latin Florentius, meaning "blossoming." Compare with masculine Florence.
Florentia - Feminine form of Latin Florentius, meaning "blossoming."
Florentina - Feminine form of Italian Florentino, meaning "blossoming."
Florentxi - Basque feminine form of Latin Florentius, meaning "blossoming."
Floretta - Diminutive form of Roman Latin Flora, meaning "little flower."