Meaning name Filberto



Meaning name Filberto
Italian form of Latin Filbertus, meaning "very bright."
Filipa - Feminine form of Serbian Filip, meaning "lover of horses."
Filippa - Feminine form of Russian Filipp, meaning "lover of horses."
Filomena - Variant spelling of Italian Filumena, meaning "friend of ease."
Filumena - Italian form of Greek Philomena, meaning "friend of ease."
Filander - Variant spelling of English Philander, meaning "with love for people."
Filat - Pet form of Russian Feofilakt, meaning "God-guard."
Filabert - Medieval German name composed of the elements fila "much" and berht "bright, famous," hence "very bright."
Filbert - English form of Latin Filbertus, meaning "very bright."
Filbertus - Latin form of German Filabert, meaning "very bright." 
Filib - Scottish Gaelic form of French Philippe, meaning "lover of horses."