Meaning name Fede



Meaning name Fede
Basque name meaning "faith."
Fedelma - Variant spelling of English Fidelma, meaning "hospitable."
Federica - Italian feminine form of Italian/Spanish Federico, meaning "peaceful ruler."
FÉdora - Feminine form of Russian Fédor, meaning "gift of God."
FËdora - Feminine form of Estonian Fëdor, meaning "gift of God."
Fedar - Variant spelling of Russian Fedor, meaning "gift of God."
Fedde - Pet form of Frisian Freddercke, meaning "peaceful ruler." Also used as a pet form of other Frisian names beginning with frid, meaning "peace."
Fedele - Italian form of Spanish Fidel, meaning "faithful."
Federico - Italian and Spanish form of Latin Fredericus, meaning "peaceful ruler."
Federigo - Italian form of Latin Fredericus, meaning "peaceful ruler."
Fedir - Ukrainian form of Russian Fedar, meaning "gift of God."