Meaning name Féidhlimidh



Meaning name Féidhlimidh
Irish Gaelic name, possibly derived from the word féile, meaning "hospitable."
FÉidhelm - Feminine form of Irish Gaelic Féidhlim, possibly meaning "hospitable." In Irish legend, this was the name of a daughter of Conchobhar.
Feiga - Variant spelling of Yiddish Feige, meaning "fig."
Feige - Yiddish name derived from the word fayg, meaning "fig."
Feigel - Variant spelling of Yiddish Feygl, meaning "bird."
Feibush -  Variant form of Yiddish Feivel, meaning "shining one."
FeichÍn - Old Irish Gaelic name composed of fiach "raven, and a diminutive suffix, hence "little raven."
FÉidhlim - Short form of Irish Gaelic Féidhlimidh, possibly meaning "hospitable."
Feivel - Yiddish form of Latin Phoebus, meaning "shining one."
Feiwel - Variant spelling of Yiddish Feivel, meaning "shining one."