Meaning name Em



Meaning name Em
English short form of longer names beginning with the element Em-.
Ema -   Hawaiian form of Norman French Emma, meaning "entire, whole."
Emel - Turkish name meaning "desire."
Emelia - Variant spelling of English Amelia, meaning "work."
Emelie - Swedish form of English Emily, meaning "rival."
Emelina - Spanish feminine form of Italian/Portuguese/Spanish Emilio, meaning "rival."
Emeline -   Feminine form of French Émile, meaning "rival."
Emerald - English name derived from the name of the precious green gemstone, the birthstone of May, from Greek smaragdos, meaning "green gem." The emerald was once believed to have the power to protect chastity, ward off evilspirits, cure dysentery, epilepsy, and help poor eyesight. 
Emese - Hungarian legend name of the mother of High Prince Álmos, meaning "mother." 
Emet - Hebrew name meaning "truth." The masculine form is spelled Emmet.
Emi - Japanese name meaning 1) "beautiful blessing" or 2) "beautiful picture."