Meaning name Ed



Meaning name Ed
Short form of English Edward, meaning "guardian of prosperity." Used also as a short form of other longer names beginning with Ed-.
Eda - Medieval pet form of English Edith, meaning "rich battle."
Edain - Anglicized form of Irish Gaelic Étaín, meaning "face" or perhaps "against" or "opposite."
Edana - Feminine form of English Edan, meaning "little fire."
Edda -   Pet form of Italian Edvige, meaning "contending battle."
Eden - Hebrew unisex name meaning "delight" or "place of pleasure." In the bible, this is the name of the garden in which Adam and Eve lived.
Eder (hebrew - עֵדֶר):  Basque unisex name meaning "beautiful, handsome."
Ederne - Feminine form of Basque unisex Eder, meaning "beautiful, handsome."
Edie - Pet form of English Edith, meaning "rich battle."
Ediltrudis - Variant spelling of German Adeltrudis, meaning "noble strength."
Edina - Contracted form of English Edwina, meaning "rich friend."