Meaning name Eb



Meaning name Eb
English short form of longer names beginning with Eb-.
Ebba - Pet form of Anglo-Saxon Eadburga, meaning "rich fortress."
EbÉ - Egyptian name meaning "wonderful."
Ebele - African Igbo name meaning "kind, merciful."
Ébha - Variant spelling of Irish Gaelic Éabha, meaning "life."
Ebio - Egyptian name meaning "honey."
Ebony - English name derived from the vocabulary word ebony, derived from Latin ebenus, from Greek ebenos "ebony tree," from ancient Egyptian hbny, from Hebrew eben "stone," so called because of its hard wood.
Ebru - Turkish name derived from ebru, the art of marbling, from Ottoman Turkish ebri, meaning "cloud," suggestive of the streaked aspect in marbling.
Ebbe - Pet form of German Eberhard, meaning "strong as a boar."
Ebbie - Pet form of English Ebenezer, meaning "stone of help."
Ebby - Variant spelling of English Ebbie, meaning "stone of help."