Meaning name Doncia



Meaning name Doncia
Short form of Spanish Adoncia, meaning"sweet."
DÔn - Welsh name of unknown meaning. In mythology, this is the name of a mother goddess, the consort of Beli Mawr. 
Dona -  Short form of Italian Adona, meaning "my lord."
Donalda - Feminine form of English Donald, meaning "world ruler."
Donaldina - Elaborated form of English Donalda, meaning "world ruler."
Donata - Feminine form of Italian Donato, meaning "given (by God)."
Donatella - Pet form of Italian Donata, meaning "given (by God)."
Donatienne - Feminine form of French Donatien, meaning "given (by God)."
Donella - Variant form of English Donalda, meaning "world ruler."
Donelle - Feminine form of English Donal, meaning "world ruler."
Dong-mei - Chinese name meaning "winter plum."