Meaning name Domnall



Meaning name Domnall
Irish Gaelic form of Scottish Gaelic Domhnall, meaning "world ruler."
Domeka - Basque name meaning "Sunday."
Domenica - Feminine form of Italian Domenico, meaning "belongs to the lord." 
Domina - Contracted form of Latin Dominica, meaning "belongs to the lord."
Dominga - Feminine form of Spanish Domingo, meaning "belongs to the lord."
Dominica - Feminine form of Latin Dominicus, meaning "belongs to the lord." This is a name traditionally given to a child born on Sunday. 
Dominika - Feminine form of Czech and Polish Dominik, meaning "belongs to the lord."
Dominique - French unisex form of Latin Dominicus, meaning "belongs to the lord."
Domitila - Portuguese and Spanish form of Latin Domitilla, meaning "little tame one."
Domitilla - Diminutive form of Roman Latin Domitius ("tamed"), hence "little tame one." This name is usually given by Roman Catholics to their daughters in honor of saint Flavia Domitilla. 
Dom - Short form of English Dominic, meaning "belongs to the lord."