Meaning name Dilipa



Meaning name Dilipa
Hindi name, composed of the elements Dili "Delhi" and pa "protecting," hence "protector of Delhi." In Hindu legend, this is the name of several kings.
Dilara - Turkish name meaning "lover."
Dilwen - Feminine form of Welsh Dilwyn, meaning "truly blessed." 
Dilys - Welsh name derived from the word dilys, meaning "genuine, steadfast, true."
Dilbert - Variant spelling of English Delbert, meaning "bright nobility."
Dilip - Short form of Hindi Dilipa, meaning "protector of Delhi."
Dillon - English form of Welsh Dylan, meaning "great sea."
Dilshad - Variant spelling of Persian Delshad, meaning "happy heart."
Dilwyn - Welsh name composed of the elements dilys "genuine, steadfast, true" and (g)wyn "blessed, fair, holy, white," hence "truly blessed."