Meaning name Claudas



Meaning name Claudas
In Arthurian legend, this is the name of the king of Terre Deserte,or the Land Laid Waste (by Uther Pendragon), meaning "lame." He conquered the lands of Ban and Bors who then helped Arthur in his rebellion against the kings of Britain. 
Clair - English variant spelling of French Claire, meaning "clear, bright." 
Claire - French form of Latin Clara, meaning "clear, bright."
Clairene - Pet form of French Claire, meaning "clear, bright."
Clara - Feminine form of Latin Clarus, meaning "clear, bright." In use by the English and Italians.
Clarabella - English compound name composed of Latin Clara "clear, bright" and Bella "beautiful," hence "bright beauty."
Clarabelle - Variant spelling of English Clarabella, meaning "bright beauty."
Claramae - English compound name composed of Latin Clara, "clear; bright," and English Mae "pearl" or "obstinate, rebellious."
Claramay - Variant spelling of English Claramae, meaning "bright pearl" or "bright rebel."
Claramond - German name meaning "bright protector." 
Clarimond - Variant spelling of German Claramond, meaning "bright protector."