Meaning name Clarity



Meaning name Clarity
English name derived from the vocabulary word clarity, from Latin clarus, meaning "clear."
Clair - English variant spelling of French Claire, meaning "clear, bright." 
Claire - French form of Latin Clara, meaning "clear, bright."
Clairene - Pet form of French Claire, meaning "clear, bright."
Clara - Feminine form of Latin Clarus, meaning "clear, bright." In use by the English and Italians.
Clarabella - English compound name composed of Latin Clara "clear, bright" and Bella "beautiful," hence "bright beauty."
Clarabelle - Variant spelling of English Clarabella, meaning "bright beauty."
Claramae - English compound name composed of Latin Clara, "clear; bright," and English Mae "pearl" or "obstinate, rebellious."
Claramay - Variant spelling of English Claramae, meaning "bright pearl" or "bright rebel."
Claramond - German name meaning "bright protector." 
Clarimond - Variant spelling of German Claramond, meaning "bright protector."