Meaning name Chiron



Meaning name Chiron
Latin form of Greek Kheiron, meaning "surgeon." In mythology, this is the name of a wise centaur, the son of Cronus and the nymph Philyra. He fathered Ocyrhoe with the nymph Chariclo. He was said to bea great healer, oracle and astrologer.
Chi - Vietnamese name meaning "tree branch."
Chiamaka - African Igbo name meaning "God is beautiful."
Chiara - Italian form of Latin Clara, meaning "clear, bright."
Chiarina - Pet form of Italian Chiara, meaning "clear, bright."
Chiasa - Japanese name meaning "one thousand mornings."
Chiba - Hebrew name meaning "love."
Chibueze - African Igbo unisex name meaning "God is the king."
Chibuzo - African Igbo unisex name meaning "God is the leader."
Chica - Pet form of Portuguese/Spanish Francisca, meaning "French."
Chicahua - Nahuatl unisex name meaning"strong."