Meaning name Celestino



Meaning name Celestino
Italian and Spanish form of Latin Cælestinus, meaning "heavenly."
Celandine - English name derived from the name of a yellow wildflower, from Greek chelidon,meaning "a swallow bird." 
CÉleste - French feminine form of Latin unisex Cælestis, meaning "heavenly."
Celeste - English form of French Céleste, meaning "heavenly."
Celestina - Feminine form of Italian/Spanish Celestino, meaning "heavenly."
CÉlestine - Feminine form of French Célestin, meaning "heavenly."
Celestine - English form of French Célestine, meaning "heavenly."
Celestyna - Feminine form of Polish Celestyn, meaning "heavenly."
CÉlia - Portuguese and Spanish form of Latin Cælia, probably meaning "heaven."
Celia -   Contracted form of English English Cecilia, meaning "blind."
Celinda - Modern English name, possibly a blend of Celandine (bird and flower name) and Linda from the Spanish word meaning "pretty."