Meaning name Celer



Meaning name Celer
Roman name meaning "swift." This is the name of the horse of the Roman Emperor Verus. It was fed on almonds and raisins, covered with royal purple, and stalled in the imperial palace. 
Celandine - English name derived from the name of a yellow wildflower, from Greek chelidon,meaning "a swallow bird." 
CÉleste - French feminine form of Latin unisex Cælestis, meaning "heavenly."
Celeste - English form of French Céleste, meaning "heavenly."
Celestina - Feminine form of Italian/Spanish Celestino, meaning "heavenly."
CÉlestine - Feminine form of French Célestin, meaning "heavenly."
Celestine - English form of French Célestine, meaning "heavenly."
Celestyna - Feminine form of Polish Celestyn, meaning "heavenly."
CÉlia - Portuguese and Spanish form of Latin Cælia, probably meaning "heaven."
Celia -   Contracted form of English English Cecilia, meaning "blind."
Celinda - Modern English name, possibly a blend of Celandine (bird and flower name) and Linda from the Spanish word meaning "pretty."