Meaning name Cearnaigh



Meaning name Cearnaigh
Gaelic name derived from the word cearnach, meaning "victor, winner."
Ceara - Anglicized form of Irish Gaelic Ciara, meaning "little black one."
Cearra - Variant spelling of English Ceara, meaning "little black one."
Ceadda - Anglo-Saxon name, possibly derived from Celtic cad, meaning "battle."
Ceallach - Irish Gaelic name possibly composed of the elements cen "head" and lach "light," hence "bright-headed."
CeallachÁn - Diminutive form of Irish Gaelic Ceallach ("bright-headed"), hence "little bright-headed one." 
Ceallagh - Variant spelling of Irish Gaelic Ceallach, meaning "bright-headed."
Ceallair - Old Gaelic occupational name transferred to forename use, derived from the word cealloir, meaning "superior of a church cell." 
Ceanntighern - Scottish Gaelic name composed of the elements ceann "head" and tigern "lord," hence "head lord."
Cearbhall - Irish Gaelic name, probably originally a byname for a violent warrior, derived from the word cearbh, "hacking," hence "hacker."
Cearbhallan - Diminutive form of Irish Gaelic Cearbhall, meaning "little hacker."