Meaning name Bogumil



Meaning name Bogumil
Slavic name composed of the elements bog "god" and mil "favor," hence "God-favor."
Bogdana - Feminine form of Slavic Bogdan, meaning "gift from God." 
Bogna - Contracted form of Slavic Bogdana, meaning "gift from God." 
Bogomila - Feminine form of Bulgarian Bogomil, meaning "God-favor."
Bogumila - Feminine form of Slavic Bogumil, meaning "God-favor."
BogumiŁa - Feminine form of Polish Bogumił, meaning "God-favor."
BogusŁawa - Feminine form of Polish Bogusław, meaning "God-glory."
Bogatir - Variant spelling of Russian Bogatyr, meaning "hero" or "warrior."
Bogatyr - Russian form of Turkish Baghatur, meaning "hero" or "warrior."
Bogdan - Slavic name composed of the elements bog "god" and dan "gift," hence "gift from God." In use by the Bulgarians.
Boghos - Armenian form of Greek Paulos, meaning "small."