Meaning name Blake



Meaning name Blake
Old English byname for a person having unusually dark or light hair or skin. It later became a surname then a popular forename. It comes from two Old English words: 1) bl�c "black," and, 2) blāc "white." It can therefore mean either "black" or "white." 
Blaanid - Manx form of Irish Gaelic Bláithín, meaning "little flower."
Blair - Scottish unisex name derived from any of a number of places in Scotland called Blair, derived from the Gaelic word blàr, meaning "field, plain," most often referring to a "battlefield." 
BlÁithÍn - Irish name derived from the Gaelic word blath "flower" with added diminutive suffix, meaning "little flower."
Blanca - Spanish form of French Blanche, meaning "white."
Blanch - English variant spelling of French Blanche, meaning "white."
Blanche - French name meaning"white." 
Blancheflor - Old French and Middle English form of French Blancheflour, meaning"white flower."
Blanda - English name derived from Latin blanda, meaning"cherishing." 
Blandina - Chamoru name meaning"blond." 
Blanid - Anglicized form of Irish Gaelic Bláthnat, meaning "little flower."