Meaning name Benvenuto



Meaning name Benvenuto
Medieval Italian name composed of the elements bene "well" and venuto "arrived," hence "well-arrived," i.e. "welcome."
Benedetta - Feminine form of Italian Benedetto, meaning "blessed."
Benedicta - Feminine form of Latin Benedictus,meaning "blessed." 
BÉnÉdicte - Feminine form of French Bénédict, meaning "blessed." 
Benedikta - Swedish feminine form of Scandinavian Benedikt, meaning "blessed."
Benedikte - Norwegian feminine form of Scandinavian Benedikt, meaning "blessed."
Benedita - Feminine form of Portuguese Benedito, meaning "blessed."
Benedykta - Feminine form of Polish Benedykt, meaning "blessed."
Bengolarrea - Basque name meaning "land of the blessed."
Bengta - Feminine form of Swedish Bengt, meaning "blessed." 
Benigna - Feminine form of Italian Benigno, meaning "kind."