Meaning name Bentley


Meaning name Bentley
English surname transferred to forename use, derived from the name of various places composed of the Old English elements beonet, "bent grass" and lēah "clearing, meadow" hence "bent grass meadow."

Benedetta - Feminine form of Italian Benedetto, meaning "blessed."
Benedicta - Feminine form of Latin Benedictus,meaning "blessed." 
Bndicte - Feminine form of French Bénédict, meaning "blessed." 
Benedikta - Swedish feminine form of Scandinavian Benedikt, meaning "blessed."
Benedikte - Norwegian feminine form of Scandinavian Benedikt, meaning "blessed."
Benedita - Feminine form of Portuguese Benedito, meaning "blessed."
Benedykta - Feminine form of Polish Benedykt, meaning "blessed."
Bengolarrea - Basque name meaning "land of the blessed."
Bengta - Feminine form of Swedish Bengt, meaning "blessed." 
Benigna - Feminine form of Italian Benigno, meaning "kind."