Meaning name Belobog



Meaning name Belobog
Slavic name composed of the elements byelo "white" and bog "god," hence "white god." In mythology, this is the name of a god of light and sun, the counterpart of Crnobog ("black god"), the cursed god of darkness. 
BelÉn - Spanish name for Bethlehem also used as a personal name, meaning "house of bread."
Belenda - Variant spelling of Danish Belinde, possibly meaning "bright serpent" or "bright linden tree."
Belgin - Turkish name meaning "clear."
Belinda - Possibly a contracted form of Old High German Betlinde, meaning "bright serpent" or "bright linden tree."
Belinde - Danish form of Old High German Belinda, possibly meaning "bright serpent" or "bright linden tree."
Belita - English name composed of Latin bella "beautiful" and a diminutive suffix, hence "little beauty." 
Bell - Variant spelling of English Belle, meaning "beautiful." 
Bella - Latin name derived from the word bella, meaning "beautiful." It is the feminine form of masculine bello, meaning "handsome." 
Bellatrix - From the Latin name of a star in the constellation Orion, meaning "female warrior."
Belle - English name derived from the French vocabulary word for "beautiful." It is often used in compound names, sometimes in the abbreviated form -bel.