Meaning name Bahij



Meaning name Bahij
Arabic name meaning "happy."
Bahati -  African Swahili word and namemeaning "luck; good fortune."
Bahiga - Variant spelling of Arabic Bahija, meaning "happy."
Bahija - Feminine form of Arabic Bahij, meaning "happy."
Bahiti - Egyptian name meaning "fortune."
Bahiyya - Arabic name meaning "beautiful."
BahÁ - Arabic name meaning "glory, splendor."
Bahadur (persian - بهادر): Hindi and Persian form of Mongolian Baghatur, meaning "hero" or "warrior."
Bahman -  Persian name derived from the Zoroastrian phrase Vohu Mana, meaning "good mind." Kai Bahman is the name of a legendary king of Persia (Iran).
Bahram - Persian name meaning "smiter of resistance" or "victorious." This is also a name for the planet Mars. In mythology, this is the name of an angel.