Meaning name Avishai



Meaning name Avishai
Variant spelling of Hebrew Abiyshay, meaning "my father is my gift." 
Avi - Variant spelling of Hebrew Abiy, meaning "my father." Compare with masculine Avi.
Avice - Variant spelling of English Avis, meaning "bird."
Avichayil - Variant spelling of Hebrew unisex Abihayil, meaning "father of might." 
Avigail - Variant spelling of Hebrew Avigayil, meaning "father rejoices."
Avigal - Unisex form of Hebrew Avigayil, meaning "father rejoices."
Avigayil - Variant spelling of Hebrew Abigayil, meaning "father rejoices." In the bible, this is the name of the wife of King David. 
Avila - Medieval diminutive form of English Ava, meaning "little Eve." 
Avilon - English variant spelling of Celtic Avalon, meaning "island of apples."
Avis -   English adopted use of German Avis (2). But its popularity in the Middle Ages was due to its association with the Latin noun avis, meaning "bird." 
Aviva - Feminine form of Hebrew Aviv, meaning "springtime."