Meaning name Avaron



Meaning name Avaron
Japanese form of Celtic Avalon, meaning "island of apples."
Ava - Variant spelling of English Eve, meaning "alive; living."
Avagail - Variant spelling of Hebrew Avigayil, meaning "father rejoices."
Avalina - Variant spelling of English Avaline, meaning "little Eve." 
Avaline - English variant spelling of French Aveline, meaning "little Eve." 
Avalon - Arthurian legend name of an island somewhere in the British Isles, where the body of King Arthur is said to be buried, having been brought there by his half-sister Morgan le Fay, and where he is supposed to one day return. The name means "island of apples," from Celtic abal (cf. Welsh afal, Breton and Cornish aval "apple").
Avalona - Modern English elaborated form of Celtic Avalon, meaning "island of apples."
Avani - Hindi name meaning "earth."
Avanti - Hindi name meaning "modest."
Avak - Armenian name meaning "great."
Avarair - Armenian name meaning "from Avarair."