Meaning name Aurelianus



Meaning name Aurelianus
From Roman Latin Aurelius, meaning "golden."
Aura - English name derived from the vocabulary word aura, meaning "subtle emanation around living beings," from Latin aura, meaning "air, breeze, wind," from Greek aura, meaning "breath, breeze." 
Aurelia - Feminine form of Roman Latin Aurelius, meaning "golden."
AurÉlie - Feminine form of French Aurèle, meaning "golden."
Aureole - English name derived from the word aureole, a diminutive form of Latin aura ("air, breeze, wind"), hence "little breeze" or "little wind."
Aurkena - Basque name meaning "presentation."
Aurkene - Variant of Basque Aurkena, meaning "presentation."
Aurnia - Irish name meaning "golden lady."
Aurora - Latin name meaning "dawn." In Roman mythology, this is the name of a goddess of morning. Equated with Greek Eos. 
Aurore - French form of Roman Latin Aurora, meaning "dawn."
Aurangzeb - Hindi name of Persian origin, meaning "honoring the throne."