Meaning name Attius



Meaning name Attius
From Roman Latin Attilius, possibly meaning "father."
Atta - Teutonic name derived from the word atta, meaning "father."
Atticus - Roman Latin name meaning "from Attica."
Attila - Gothic name composed of the word atta "father" and the diminutive suffix -ila, hence "little father." In use by the Hungarians.
Attilio - Italian form of Roman Latin Attilius, possibly meaning "father."
Attilius - Roman Latin family name, possibly ultimately from Teutonic Atta, meaning "father."
Attis - Greek name of foreign origin, probably meaning "father." In mythology, this is the name of a vegetation god, the son and consort of the Phrygian goddess Cybele. He is said to have been forced by her to castrate himself as punishment for infidelity.