Meaning name Arman


Meaning name Arman
  Kazakh name meaning "dream."

Armelle - Feminine form of French Armel, meaning "stone prince."
Armenouhi - Feminine form of Armenian Armen, meaning "from Armenia." 
Armando - Spanish form of German Harmand, meaning "bold/hardy man."
Armas - Finnish name meaning "beloved."
Armel - French form of Welsh Arthfael, Old Breton Arthmael, meaning "bear chief" or "warrior prince."
Armen -   Armenian name meaning "from Armenia."
Armin - German name derived from Latin Arminius, meaning "army man."
Arminius - Latin form of German Hermann, meaning "army man." This name was borne by the Teutonic national leader Arminius the Cheruscan, mentioned by Tacitus. 
Armo -   Finnish name meaning "grace."