Meaning name Arakel



Meaning name Arakel
Armenian name meaning "to send."
Arabel - Scottish form of English Amabel, meaning "lovable."
Arabela - Variant spelling of Scottish Arabella, meaning "lovable."
Arabell - Variant spelling of Scottish Arabel, meaning "lovable." 
Arabella -   Italian name meaning "answered prayer." 
Araceli - Spanish name meaning "altar of the sky."
Aracelis - Variant form of Spanish Araceli, meaning "altar of the sky."
Aracely - Variant spelling of Spanish Araceli, meaning "altar of the sky."
Arachne - Greek myth name of a young girl who was turned into a spider by Athena, meaning "spider."
Araminta - Literary name, possibly inspired by the Greek name Amynta meaning "defender."
Aranka - Hungarian form of Latin Aurelia, meaning "golden."