Meaning name Anushavan



Meaning name Anushavan
Variant spelling of Armenian Anoushavan, meaning "sweet ruler?"
Anu - Estonian and Finnish pet form of Greek Hanna, meaning "favor; grace."
Anuja - Feminine form of Hindi Anuj, meaning "born after; younger."
AnunciaciÓn - Spanish form of Italian Annunziata, meaning "announces."
Anunciata - Variant spelling of Italian Annunziata, meaning "announces."
Anushka - Variant spelling of Russian Annushka, meaning "favor; grace."
Anu - Sumerian Babylonian myth name of a god of the heavens, meaning "heaven; sky." Also spelled An.
Anubis - Greek form of Egyptian Anupu, name of a jackal-headed god of the underworld, meaning "royal child."
Anuj - Hindi name meaning "born after; younger."
Anum - Egyptian name meaning "born fifth."
Anund - Old Danish and Swedish form of Old Norse Anundr, possibly meaning "triumph of the ancestor/forefather."