Meaning name Amelinda



Meaning name Amelinda
Old German name composed of the elements amal "work" and lint "serpent, snake," or lind "soft, weak," hence either "work serpent" or "weak worker."
Amedea - Feminine form of Italian Amadeo, meaning "to love God."
Ameena - Variant spelling of Arabic Amina, meaning "honest, trustworthy."
AmÉlia - Portuguese form of German Amalia, meaning "work." 
Amelia - English form of German Amalia, meaning "work."
AmÉlie - French form of German Amalia, meaning "work."
Amelie - English form of French Amélie, meaning "work."
Ameretat - Avestan name meaning "immortality." In Zoroastrian mythology, this is the name of a goddess of immortality.
Amethea - Greek name meaning "no loiterer." In mythology, this is the name of one of the horses of the sun god Helios.
Amethyst - English name derived from the name of the precious stone, from Greek amethustos, meaning "not intoxicated; sober," expressing the ancient belief that the stone had the ability to protect one from drunkenness. This name is sometimes given to girls born in February. 
Amets - Basque unisex name meaning "dream."